EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and INEXPENSIVE, the Transformer Brushing Systems take your turf surfaces to the next level.

Brushing is not a new phenomena. We wish that we could claim that brushing was invented by TurfScience, Inc.  But no, it is age-old.  The TurfScience Transformer Brushing Systems are unlike any other units that are, or  have ever been, on a mower.  TurfScience brushing systems are now prominently being used at most PGA tournament sites as well as other elite golf courses.

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All Transformer Brushing Systems consists of two primary components:

Chassis – The Transformer chassis is intricately designed to provide proper geometry and weight distribution for precision brushing at any degree of aggressiveness.

Brush – The Transformer Brush units (of which there are several to choose from) are custom designed and manufactured for the specific purpose and function of brushing putting surfaces. From mild to extremely aggressive, you now have a spectrum of options.

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