In order to best serve you, Dr. Howard is personally experienced in each (not one) of the following disciplines;

1.      Academia

  • Possesses a Ph.D. specifically in Turfgrass Science (not a transplanted discipline) from Penn State, perhaps the finest university program in the turfgrass field.
  • Possesses an advanced graduate degree in basic science (physiology/biochemistry) from Penn State University.
  • Possesses the professional credentials;
    • Certified Professional Agronomist
    • Certified Professional Crop Scientist

2.      Golf-maintenance operations

  • Experienced Superintendent of 10-plus years in both northern and southern climates.
  • Experienced Superintendent in resort, development and elite country club venues including management of 6 courses simultaneously.
  • Certified Golf Course Superintendent

3.      Construction

  • Experienced in the heavy construction / golf construction industry in various capacities since 1970.
  • Seasoned as a 7-year staff member of a premier nationwide golf community developer.


Having merely been around the periphery of these areas doesn’t produce seasoned and tested capability.  In order to understand your needs and appreciate your urgency, Dr. Howard has born the same burden of performance that you bear.  He is the only individual to offer such a broad base of expertise and experience.